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Big weekend coming up. Soca Revolution plays at 5 fetes this weekend.
So i did this short quick mix, look out for more!



We gone Parang again!
Free download mp3 here: http://soca.se/dj-bakka-soca-parang2011.mp3


Another Christmas mixtape from Soca Revolution. We didnt do one last year, so in this one we added all the best songs from last year aswell. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Soca Revolution! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Big up all artists, producers and soca djs out there!
Big up Jimmy King, GG, Brother B, Mastermind, Chardanai, Ragga & Boone.
Bless up!

01. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
02. D Meejah - What Is Christmas
03. Skarpyon - People Cah Wait
04. Mr Killa - Soca Parang (Take Ah Liquor)
05. Brother B - Doh Blame Me
06. Brother B - Mix It
07. Joseph Adams - De Same Rooster
08. Divya - Crack D Cork
09. Adesh Samaroo - Piece Of Meat
10. Kmc - Iceless Christmas
11. Pelf - Last Brush
12. Chucky - Ole Time Christmas
13. Cassi - Dip In Ah Sauce
14. Stinger - Obama Christmas
15. GG - Mista Why?
16. Randy - Santa Wants To Ho Ho
17. Mr West - The Westernes
18. Talpree - Whine For Christmas
19. 4 Bass - Who Make Dat Parang
20. Doggy Ft King - She Want Me Come
21. Blackie - Christmas Bite
22. Dr Seales - Parang Band
23. Jimmy King - Calling Me Name
24. Sining Francine - Christ Is The Reason
25. Neeshan Praboo - This Xmas I Going By Maria
26. Baron - Spanish Woman
27. Third Bass - Me & Mrs Claus
28. Ninja - No Mandolin
29. Naki - Strike Up The Band
30. Robbie Ft Picante Musical - Cookie For Xmas
31. Brother B - Help
32. Specky & Fatman - Ideas
33. Daddy Chinee - Nadia
34. Farm P Ft Slammer Cutter - Buss Yuh Bar
35. Weezy - Shot
36. Anointed - Bring Out The Rum
37. Impulse - Something Fall
38. Silver - Ah Maccoing
39. Berbice - Not Enough
40. Ramie - Ah Tasting
41. Impulse & Snakey - Buy
42. Chardanai - This Christmas


We did this mix for Rataryd Carnival. Thats the biggest trini style carnival with more the 120 masqueraders in full costume. It is in Ljungby in Sweden the 14 of August at 4pm. Soca Revolution will play for the whole carnival and also in the afterparty. This is going to be the best festival in Sweden this year!!!

Here for info about the carnival:

Check here for info about the afterparty:

Download CD cover here:

01. 3 Canal - Talk Yuh Talk
02. Patrice Roberts - Thundah Waist
03. Faye-Ann Lyons - Heavy T Bumpa
04. Arrow - Hot, Hot, Hot
05. Nadia Batson & Michelle Sylvester - Road Block
06. Ricky T - Party Cya Done
07. Shal Marshall - Wine And Bend Over
08. Preacher - Jump Up And Wave
09. Soca Boys - Follow The Leader
10. Unknown Calypso
11. Wayne Rodriguez - Footsteps
12. Machel Montano - Big Truck
13. Machel Montano - Madder Than Dat
14. Trini Jacobs - Jump Up Behind D Truck
15. Machel Montano - Down D Road
16. Destra Garcia & Machel Montano - Carnival
17. Iwer George - Water
18. Faye-Ann Lyons & Invasion Band - Display
19. Ms. Alysha & Faye-Ann Lyons - Party
20. Square One - Togetherness
21. Sanell Dempster & Blue Ventures - De River
22. Square One - Bandit Dance
23. Machel ft Wyclef - Carnival Survivors
24. Maximus Dan - Fighter (Soca Warrior)
25. Destra - Bonnie And Clyde
26. Faye-Ann Lyons & Invasion Band - Freedom
27. Machel & Mighty Sparrow - Congo Man
28. Faye-Ann Lyons - Meet Superblue
29. Skinny Fabulous Ft Big Red, King Bubba - Head Bad (Hyperactive Red Roadmix)
30. Wetty B - Pum Pum
31. Avalanche - Get A Drink
32. Naya George & Destra Garcia - Las' Lap
33. Destra Garcia - Bacchannal
34. Faye-Ann Lyons & Superblue - Clear De Road
35. Faye-Ann Lyons - Put It Up
36. Ziggy Ranking - Jack It And Ride It Up
37. Ricky T - Toxic
38. Ricky T & Mr Vegas - Pressure Boom
39. Tarrus - Rum In Ah Me Head
40. Lil Rick - Can't Wait
41. Faye-Ann Lyons - Get On
42. Jamesy P - Ants In Yuh Sugar Pan
43. Ricky T - Too Much Rum In Your Glass
44. Blaxx - Breathless
45. Faye-Ann Lyons - M.A.S. (Make A Stage)
46. Ricky T - Wheel And Come Again
47. Nadia Batson - My Posse
48. Machel Montano - Scandelous
49. Berbice - Traffic
50. Lil Rick - Girls Gone Wild
51. El A Kru - Expose (Precision Road Mix)
52. Postman - Horning Carnival
53. Alison Hinds Feat. Mr. Dale - Just Because
54. Blaxx - Tusty
55. Terra Mike - Get Juiced Up
56. Trevlyn - Bumper
57. Cupid ft Kmc - Mad Again
58. Traffik - Bounce Meh (Accident)


New mix with great SR crew tunes from KDK 2009, Berlin Carnival der Kulturen!

Bless to Mashup Crew, and Faluma and promtotors and mas camp.
You know, ants in yah sugerpan! Boom Bang!


See Berlin carnival pics at our site here:



Hey, we back!
I put this together in the morning on Saturday. We played later that day in Göteborg. Tracklist will come later,
but we start of with some slow / hiphopish tracks for move on to groovy and ragga soca.



Hello dear listeners!
We would like to thank you for the hours spent in front your radio and also all the artist that we have the pleasure to interview! THANKS!

In this episode we interview Boone Chatta out of Soca Twins.
He has just now released some own tracks! Listen to them here!

After that we do some Parang and round of with some heavy soca tunes!



Check www.socarevolution.com for what we will do in the future! Thanks!




Yes! On Thursday and Saturday we have clubs in Sweden with the talented artist Scrappy. Therefore we have an interview with Scrappy from this summer in this show and some really good tunes from Scrappy. We also have some nice daggering tunes and a Sizzle tune about Obama! We end this show as we always do now with some Parang. This show is extended! So enjoy! BLESS!

Big up to Jonas, aka d drunkard
DJ Tate from London and sounds best with soca
big up Hievi aka MissAnthrax, daggering queen of Göteborg
Big up to Scrappy and DJ Tyrone!

www.soca.se/fetes.html for more about the clubs in Norrköping 4/12 and Göteborg on the 6/12. Hope to see u there!



This time we have a Peter Ram special.
This highly talented man from Barbados is blessing our show with an interview. It took a while to get hold of him so its in the very end.
Here is his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/peterramwiggins

After that we gone parang!

Tracklist later, but its a lot of Peter Ram tunes!



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